In one picturesque valley lived a beautiful Suliko. Her mother called her gently Suli (“My soul” from georgian). She grew rye and corn and baked the world’s most delicious bread.

One day a brave Guliko appeared in this valley. For a big kind heart people called him Guli (“Heart” from georgian). When he saw Suliko and tasted her bread he exclaimed: nothing so wonderful had never happen to me! Suliko blushed and run away.

Rich parents of Guliko prohibited him to marry the poor girl. So he abandoned from gold, became a simple shepherd and stole Suliko. They loved each other so much that everything they did together came from heart and soul. Therefore, soon they began to live in prosperity and Guliko’s parents asked lovers to forgive them. So let be everything in your life will be from heart and soul - both bread and love!


Art Direction: [f]-pr